BlackVue DR750S Series Extra 6 Months Warranty

There are different ways to claim your free 6 month extended warranty on the BlackVue DR750S Series. You will need to fulfill 2 out of the 3 below:

1. Leave a Review on Google

Go to the Canada Dashcam Google Business page and leave us a review! Make sure to mention the "BlackVue DR750S Series" & "Canada Dashcam" in the review to qualify. If you have any pictures to share, that would be greatly appreciated as well.

2. Leave a Review on Facebook

Visit our Canada Dashcam Facebook page and leave us a review again. Again, make sure to mention "BlackVue DR750S Series" & "Canada Dashcam" in the review to qualify. Feel Free to leave any pictures of your install in the comments!

3. Leave a Product Review on our Site

We understand that not everyone has Google or Facebook accounts, but if you purcahse a BlackVue DR750S Series from us, you'll be emailed a form to leave a review. Leave a 5 star review on the BlackVue DR750S Series to qualify. These reviews appear at the bottom of our BlackVue DR750S-1CHBlackVue DR750S-2CH product pages.

What's nexted?

Once you've completed the reviews, send us a screenshot or link to your reviews. Also send us the serial number of your dash cam so we can file it internally. This can be done through the resigration form below.