CARECELL CW330 Dashcam Battery

CARECELL CW330 Dashcam Battery

CARECELL CW660 Dashcam Battery

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Carecell CW660 powerful LiFe4PO4 battery is for powering vehicle dashcams, specifically designed to operate a dashcam in parking mode. This battery will keep your dashcam running long after the ignition is switched off. It takes only about 45 minutes to completely charge the battery and also prevents discharge of your vehicle's battery.

This small battery pack can power 2 channel dashcam for about 30-35 hours, and 1 channel dashcam for about 80 hours (model dependent). It supports external fuse box connection and various setting mode (ACC, 12V, 12.4V) based on your driving patterns.


More Information
Weight 4.0000
Dimensions 176 mm (L) x 143 mm (W) x 34 mm (H)
Battery Weight 1,555g
Battery Type 6.4A LiFePO4
Input Voltage 12.0V ~ 15.0V
Input Current 8A
Charge Time 55 minutes
Usage Time 30 hours
Built-In Low Voltage Cut-Off Yes
Over-Heat Protection Power will be cut-off when sensor detects internal temp at 80°C
Country of Origin South Korea
Certificates KC (MISP-REM-Caw-CW660/CW1000). KN41 / CELL PACL: KC, UL, TUV, Patent (Korea)
Warranty Period 1 Year Warranty Handled by Canada Dashcam

Product Features

Large 80 Wh Capacity

This battery park can power a dual channel BlackVue for 35 hours and a single channel BlackVue for 80 hours.

LiFePO4 Battery Technology

High energy density combined with safety and consistent performance.

Super Fast Charging

The Carecell CW660 charges completely in 55 minutes.

Battery Discharge Protection

The Carecell CW660 connects only to an ACC fuse meaning that it poses no risk to the vehicle's main battery.

Over Temperature Protection

CARECELL provides complete protection of your dashcam and battery by automatically cutting off its power at high temperatures.

Silicone Cable

The silicone cable are 4 times large current capacity than other common cables, are applied to CARECELL to ensure stable current flow.

Extensibility & Usability

It supports external fuse box connection and various setting mode (ACC, 12V, 12.4V) based on your driving patterns.

Dual Lock Connector

A double lock connector is used to precent it from getting detected or damaged due to impact.

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